The future of kpm

In the last few months, many of you have asked me what the current progress with kpm is.
You know, kpm is in development since summer 2012 but was never released - looks like it becomes vaporware.

I had firmly planned to release a v1 this summer (since this was the perfect time for developing cool stuff, as I had 6 weeks of school holidays).
Before being able to recode kpm itself from the ground up (the current code base is crap), I had to develop several libraries including Kirby Git (which was released in v1 already) and Kirby CLI (which is still in development).

Then, suddenly, the holidays ended and I could not finish my work with the libraries.
Now, I'm in grade 11, which is the next-to-last grade before finishing German school.
I hope you understand that I haven't got that much spare time right now.

Releasing a great kpm was my dream since I started working on it, so this announcement does not mean that I will pause or even cancel this project - I actually have big plans and already know how everything will work, only time to implement it is missing.
I hope being able to release a version 1 next summer in my summer holidays, but I can't guarantee it.
In the meantime, I deleted all repositories in the kpm GitHub organization as this code is currently not usable. If you still want to use a specific feature of kpm right now, just write me an email!

I hope you understand my current situation, but waiting with developing kpm might even be a good idea as I already learned a lot since I started with the first version.
Maybe, this will lead to an even better kpm.


PS: If you want to know when the first beta of kpm is ready for testing or when kpm gets finally released, follow me and kpm on Twitter.

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